Top 3 Best Diabetes Treatments in Georgia

While there is no cure for diabetes, living a comfortable life while battling the condition is still possible. The best diabetes treatments in Georgia work by controlling blood sugar, thus averting severe complications of the chronic illness

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Having diabetes is not a death sentence, given the multiple treatment options. While there is no cure, there are proven treatment options known to control blood glucose levels, thus averting severe diabetes complications. The best diabetes treatments in Georgia encircle many things, from medicines to insulin shots, proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.
Best Diabetes Treatments in Georgia

Below are some of the best diabetes treatments in Georgia

Proper diet and exercise
Most diabetes treatments work by managing blood sugar levels. Eating healthy and exercising can help fix the body and control blood sugar levels. Eating healthy is especially important for overweight people. By resorting to a balanced diet that is taken in portions and at necessary times, it becomes much easier to lower blood sugar.

Even if you have diabetes, it does not mean you don’t have to eat some of the foods you enjoy. However, eating them in smaller portions and enjoying them less often is the way to go. The key to managing diabetes through diet is eating various foods from all groups while following the proper outline.

The diet should contain vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and a small portion of carbs. Healthy fats from canola, olive oil, salmon, and tuna are also essential. One should also limit intake of fried foods and other foods high in saturated fats.

Exercising is also essential to make the body sensitive to the insulin that controls blood sugar. Aerobic workouts such as walking, running, dancing and swimming are some of the best exercises. Resistance training, such as lifting body weights, is also good as they cause the muscles to burn excess glucose into energy, reducing circulation.

The best diabetes treatments in Georgia: Medications
Thanks to technological advancement, several diabetes pills are available that enhance the ability of the body to produce and utilize insulin to control blood glucose. The pills work in different ways. Some medications work by triggering the brain to process dopamine which in turn increases sensitivity to insulin.

Bile acid drugs lower blood glucose while SGLT2 inhibitors work by letting the kidneys pee out the e extra sugar from the body. Biguanides such as metformin force the liver to hang on to some glucose or reduce its production.

On the other hand, Thiazolidinediones work by getting insulin to work better. They also reduce insulin resistance in the cells. Sulfonylureas medications work by increasing insulin output from the pancreas. However, while the drugs rapidly lower blood sugar, they can cause abnormally lower blood sugar, as they contain sulfa.

Medicines are some of the best diabetes treatments in Georgia when diet and exercises are not enough to keep blood sugar within the healthy range. While there are many medications, it is essential to sit down with a doctor to settle on the ones that work effectively depending on underlying needs.
However, it is essential to note that medicines may sometimes not work.

Treatment of Diabetes with Insulin
There comes a time when diet, exercise, and oral medications cannot control blood glucose levels. It is usually the case for people struggling with type 1 diabetes. The conditions arise from the pancreas’ inability to produce insulin.

While insulin is the mainstream treatment for diabetes type 1, its administration into the body should follow a natural pattern that mimics how the body operates. The standard method is through a needle and syringe, where one takes a shot of insulin from the bottle. Insulin pumps are also available that connect to a tiny needle under the skin to provide a steady stream of insulin throughout the day.

The different types of insulin include rapid-acting insulin that takes effect 5 minutes after administration and works up to four hours. Regular insulin shots take effect after 30 minutes and remain effective in the body in lowering blood sugar for up to 6 hours. Long-acting insulin shots take between 6 and 10 hours and last up to 24 hours.

In addition to insulin shots and oral medications, alternative treatment options are also increasingly cropping up. The alternatives work by helping control blood glucose levels, therefore, preventing diabetes complications.

Some alternatives include dietary supplements such as garlic, cinnamon alpha lipoid acid, and aloe Vera. However, these supplements are not considered medications.

Bottom Line

Diabetes treatment is all about finding a way to control blood glucose and ensure it is always within the acceptable healthy range. Therefore, the best diabetes treatments in Georgia work by making insulin effective in controlling blood glucose.

On the other hand, diet and exercise work by either accelerating the conversion of glucose to energy or reducing the generation of excess glucose in the body. Consequently, the treatment option will always come down to individual needs and the kind of diabetes one has.

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