4 Best Diabetes Treatments in Michigan

Finding a way to control blood sugar is a sure way of keeping diabetes complications at bay. This article discusses some of the best diabetes treatments in Michigan that supplement medications.

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Diabetes is a common chronic illness characterized by the body’s inability to process and use glucose properly. While there are two types of diabetes, both share the common problem of having too much glucose in the bloodstream. Whereas the best diabetes treatments in Michigan revolve around medications, resorting to a healthy lifestyle can also help manage the disease.
Best Diabetes Treatments in Michigan

It is essential to control blood glucose to avert the risk of diabetes triggering severe consequences. Damage to a wide range of the body’s organs and tissues, including the heart and kidneys, are some of the long-term effects of failing to manage the condition.

Understanding blood glucose level

Digestion breaks down ingested food into different nutrients. In this case, carbohydrates are broken down into sugar. Whenever too much glucose finds its way into the blood, it can lead to severe complications if it does not end in the final destination for use.

Insulin is an important hormone that the pancreas generates and acts as a key that unlocks the cell wall, allowing glucose to enter the body cells. In the body cells, glucose induces energy, allowing body organs to function correctly.

In cases where glucose ends in the bloodstream and does not find its way into the body cells, diabetes is always the result. The trigger could be the pancreas’s inability to produce the insulin needed to unlock the body cells and allow glucose. However, it could also result from body cells not responding to insulin.

The Best Diabetes Treatments in Michigan

Oral Medications
Oral medications are some of the best treatment options as they help control blood glucose. Some medications effective in fuelling insulin production in the pancreas include Glipizide, glyburide, and nateglinide. In addition, some drugs help control blood sugar by decreasing sugar absorption by the intestines, while others improve how the body uses insulin.

One of the best oral medications is metformin, which decreases sugar production by the liver and improves insulin resistance. Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 SGLT2 inhibitors block glucose absorption by the kidney and enhance its excretion.

Weight Loss Surgery
High levels of glucose in the blood, at times, come down to bad eating habits. For people struggling with weight issues controlling eating habits always proves challenging. Shedding some weight to control blood glucose can also be a big challenge.

Weight loss surgery often referred to as bariatric surgery, is an effective way of losing weight and putting diabetes in remission. The procedure works by reducing the stomach size, causing one to feel fuller sooner and thus eat less.

While the procedure works as a weight loss management solution, it is also becoming increasingly popular in treating type 2 diabetes. It causes the body to produce and use insulin more efficiently, thus helping control blood glucose.

Insulin Shots
Patients with type 1 diabetes need insulin shots straight away to control blood glucose levels. Injections are crucial where other medications have not helped manage blood sugar levels. Given the pancreas’s inability to produce the critical hormone, manually getting it into the body is the way to go. With the help of a needle and syringe, one can take insulin shots to help address its shortfall in the body and help control blood glucose.

Additionally, insulin pumps are programmed to release insulin into the body automatically on a set basis. An insulin inhaler also ensures insulin gets into the body through inhalation. Some insulin shots take minutes to get into the bloodstream but help control blood sugar levels for up to four hours.
Intermediate insulin shots take one to two hours to take effect in the blood and can last up to 18 hours. Ultra long-acting insulin shots take one to two hours and can last up to 42 hours.

Lifestyle changes
Blood glucose control won’t be possible without significant lifestyle changes. It is essential to avoid stress as it tends to increase blood sugar and make the body cells less sensitive to insulin. Smoking is another habit that exposes patients to serious health problems and higher risks of complications from diabetes. Patients are likely to get better blood glucose control by quitting smoking.

Reducing alcohol intake is also crucial to avoid the low blood sugar dilemma. Alcohol intake forces the liver to work in removing it from the blood rather than focusing on regulating blood sugar.

Bottom line

Oral medications are some of the best diabetes treatments in Michigan, given their ability to enhance insulin production and sensitivity. In addition, weight loss surgery can also help accelerate insulin production while aiding in weight management. Similarly, eating healthy and staying active also goes a long way in supplementing oral medications and insulin shots, reducing the risk of complications from diabetes.

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