5 Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Pennsylvania

We understand that the nursing profession is in high demand, and as a working nurse, you may want to advance your career. With many available options, it isn’t easy to make an informed decision. We are here to kick-start your career by helping you identify the best nursing online education programs in Pennsylvania. Read on and get educated.

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To find out the best nursing online education programs in Pennsylvania, you must consider the courses they offer, the pass rate of their graduates, the cost, and curriculum convenience.
Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Pennsylvania

Types of Programs in Pennsylvania

This outline guides those new in the profession and lays down the steps you have to take to become a nurse finally.
Pre-Licensure Programs
ADN/ASN programs: Associate degree in nursing (ADN) takes inexperienced students through the NCLEX-RN exam, and if you pass, you become an RN. The ADN and ASN programs require you to obtain experience from your local health establishment.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a four-year program for entry-level students who want to become RNA.
Accelerated BSN programs: with no nursing experience but any bachelor’s degree, you can join the program as you prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam. The program takes 15 to 24 months.

Bridging Programs

LPN to RN and LPN to BSN prepare you for NCLEX-RN and takes typically three to four years to complete.
RN to BSN programs are meant to provide Registered Nurses with a way to acquire BSN.
RN to MSN facilitates RNA to join master’s program after three or four years

Advanced Programs
MSN program takes part-time students three years to complete.
DNP and Ph.D. Doctoral Programs are available for students interested in administration. It arms students with research capabilities scientific knowledge. It takes you three to seven years, depending on your specialty and your momentum.
Post-Graduate certificates programs include administration and education. Given the above programs, we find that distance education/ online learning is gaining unstoppable momentum.

Characteristics of a Good Online Program

Accreditation: Nursing programs are accredited by Accreditation Commission for Education and Nursing (ACEN) and Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). In Pennsylvania, courses are authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Board of Nursing.
NCLEX-RN pass rate: Research on the school’s NCLEX-RN pass rate online or through the Board of Nursing. A high pass rate is a positive indicator of the best option.
Access & Support: Make inquiries on the availability of services that facilitates your studies. Some options offer assistance financially through grants and scholarships. You can ask around if their trainers are available throughout the course and whether you are assisted in securing jobs after graduation.

Preview of the Best Nursing Online Education Programs in Pennsylvania

York College of Pennsylvania
York College of Nursing facilitates 100% online RN to BSN at cost-effective rates. You can choose between fall and spring clinical programs depending on the number of hours you clock per week.
California University of Pennsylvania
The RN to BSN program at the California University of Pennsylvania is 100% online and is utilized by RNs with either diplomas or ADN and want to acquire additional skills.
Also on offer are three options of MSN: MSN in Nursing Administration and Leadership, MSN in Nursing Administration, and MSN-MBA Dual Degree. You can also join a pure online post-masters Certificate in Nursing Administration.
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Here, you can join an online MSN with an alignment in nurses’ teaching careers. It involves 90 hours of teaching practice at an approved institution. The regular programs of RN to BSN are available in the School of Nursing & Health Sciences. You have options of part-time and full-time arrangements.
LaSalle University
LaSalle University offers the following online courses: RN to BSN (10 months to complete), MSN Family Nurse Practitioner, and MSN Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. The RN to BSN online programs, however, require in-person skills in clinical practice.
Immaculata University
Immaculata’s MSN has the objective of imparting graduates with the skills to lead and teach. The program is composed of 11 courses and takes three years. To qualify for the MSN program, you must hold a nursing degree from a university accredited by CCNE. If you hold a degree in any other field, you may apply.

Your Final Take

A rise in employed persons in need of further education has led to the popularity of online learning. The most popular pure online courses are RN to BSN and Nursing and Administration Certificate. In-campus students are subjected to some online programs.
Before enrolling for any particular course, it is prudent to research a program to determine its credibility. The best nursing online education programs in Pennsylvania appear on the accredited nursing list.
Good nursing programs offer links to scholarships and grants. Others take you through to the NCLEX exam, ensuring that you pass and arrange placements.

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