8 Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in Texas

Read on if you are the type who does not want to stop working at 60+ years. If you meet Texas driving regulations, you can take up one of the best driving jobs for seniors in Texas. Given the demand for truck drivers in Texas, companies now recruit seniors over 65 years. You can share your expert skills and earn extra money.

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The best driving jobs for seniors in Texas provide flexible and friendly terms that allow seniors to work at their convenience.
Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in Texas

Driving Laws for Seniors and Older Drivers

Texas Department of Public Safety handles all licensing requirements. Drivers of 78 years and below must renew their licenses every eight years either by phone calls, email or in person. Although not applicable to all drivers, visual knowledge and road tests are necessary on a case-to-case basis.

Licenses Restrictions
Your license can be restricted by DPS depending on the outcomes of a driving test. Common restrictions include: Glasses and contact lenses, Denied freeway driving, Driving only with another driver in the front seat.
Others include The use of hearing aids, Not driving beyond 45 miles per hour, and equipping vehicles with outside mirrors and other safety measures.

Unsafe Driver Investigation
A physician is under an obligation to alert authorities if a driver has a medical condition that might interfere with safe vehicle operation. On review, the DPS may instruct the driver to take additional tests.

Reinstating a License
You can get back your suspended license by contacting driver’s license officers or visiting their website on Reinstating Your Drivers License.

Overview of the Best Driving Jobs for Seniors in Texas

Driving People and Delivery of Goods
You can opt for Uber and Lyft platforms and use their apps to make money. You can also deliver their food to desired destinations. Their mobile apps enhance customer pickups and payments. Before taking up a task, you must carry out an appraisal before signing up.
Taxi Driver
If you reside in a dense and busy location, you can consider the taxi business. It is simple, and you can work part-time according to your schedule. The demand for taxi services ranges from short journeys to long-distance locations.
You can offer airport transfers, ferries from train stations, or drive around tourists. The job does not require much input apart from a clean driving license and a vehicle in good working condition. In addition, you need a geographical knowledge of the chosen vicinity.
If you are trustworthy and enjoy driving individuals to their destinations, then this is for you. It also provides flexibility around your schedule. If you like it, you can operate alone or get a job in a company that offers chauffeur services.
Bus Driver
As a bus driver, you must follow your employer’s routine. In addition, you are entrusted with the safety of the bus and take care of the customer service issues and handle money. Therefore, the issues of tackling traffic, weather, and handling demanding customers become your norm.
School Bus Driver
Driving a school bus could be a rejuvenating experience as you will be interacting with kids. School transport is rapidly growing. In addition, you can go for on-the-job training provided by the school.
Alternatively, you can opt for the HopSkipDrive arrangement where kids enjoy a special transport package other than the traditional way. In this case, your process of driving plays a big role.
Parcel Delivery Driver
Most online sales companies offer delivery services to their customers. As a result, delivery drivers are in demand by Amazon, CitizenShipper, Roadie, UPS, Hermes, DPD, and FedEx. You need to get access to your account and arrange a schedule that best fits your situation for a start.
Semi-Retired Truck Driver
Through listing sites, you can get many companies hiring on a part-time basis. As a retiree, you can make short-term contracts with minimal effort. Nevertheless, as a senior driver, you command a wealth of experience having driven trucks for years.
Grocery Delivery Driver
The pandemic with its effects brought in a new dimension to the delivery business. Staying at home has created a demand for someone who shops for you and delivers. Companies such as Walmart and Instarcat offer store grocery shopping and delivery to your home.


There are more driving jobs for seniors in Texas. Flip through advertisements and land a gig from the best driving jobs for seniors in Texas. All you need is to enroll for refresher courses to add to your skills and remain marketable.
With the dynamic nature of laws and regulations, it is necessary to keep abreast of new rules. You can obtain valuable information from DMV and DPS websites. The website provides a downloadable Texas drivers workbook containing rich information on licensing, registration of vehicles, and traffic rules.

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