8 Best Storage Units Deals in Georgia

Choosing the best storage units deals in Georgia is no easy task. When looking for the most popular storage units near you, consider such things as their hours of operation, green and eco-friendly options, price, and security features. In addition, you may want to assess if the units’ sizes fit your items.

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The best storage units deals in Georgia are available to you at the lowest rates. That means there are great deals for you if you’re looking for storage units near me. Since most people use their storage units to store personal items they don’t use regularly; security also becomes a paramount factor.
Best Storage Units Deals in Georgia

If you plan to keep the storage unit for over six months, ask about long-term discounts. Maybe you need a little extra room for that furniture sitting in your garage, or perhaps you want to declutter some junk. Either way, if you need storage space fast, there are some things to consider before signing a long-term contract.

One, make sure you know what the unit entails before committing to it. Ensure to note what is and is not in the unit/space itself. For example, some facilities offer cable or electrical hookups, but many do not.

Another thing you should know about your potential new home for all of your stuff is the extra fees you will face if you don’t pay on time or need to adjust your contract. Many places charge late fees or increase the amount you owe for rent if not paid within the set period, and some also require tenants to purchase insurance.

So be sure to ask about these things before signing a contract and be consistently on time with your payments.

Highlights of the Best Storage Units Deals in Georgia

StorageMart is the leading choice among all self-storage in Douglasville. StorageMart is the only place that has all storage units in one location. All of their storage facilities have free WiFi, daily access to all items in your unit with no additional fees, and climate-controlled units with an automatic billing system.
Their online reservation system allows you to choose multiple dates until you can schedule a self-storage unit that will fit your needs. They have the most competitive prices in Georgia and are also open 24/7.

If you want to store household items for a short time, check out CubeSmart. Their storage units are affordable and clean. You can sign up with them using their website and get discounts on your first three months.
The whole process is swift and easy. Finding the perfect storage unit for you will be straightforward with their online reservation system. They also provide a free move-in truck.

Mini Storage Plus
Mini Storage Plus is a top-rated storage facility in Douglasville. They provide a free moving truck to help you move your items. Since they have been in business for so long, the service from their staff has been excellent over the years by providing quality services.
Mini Storage Plus has the fastest internet connection among all other storage facilities in Georgia, and your access to WiFi is good. They are also known for very competitive prices and friendly customer service.

The Extra Space Storage
If you are looking for a long-term self-storage unit, this is the place you should visit. The price starts as low as $35 for a 5×10′ unit, big enough to store your things. In addition, they have the highest customer satisfaction rate among all other storage companies in Douglasville.

Different from traditional self-storage units, PODS uses in-place storage with containers that are climate controlled and can be loaded and unloaded by servicemen. You can choose your desired location, and they will deliver the container to save you money for gas.
It is a great way to store certain items during long-distance moving. Although there is no free trial period, it is a very safe solution for large furniture to store.

Uncle Bob’s Self Storage
With convenient self-storage solutions such as 24/7 access, affordable rates, and safe facilities, you won’t go wrong with Uncle Bob’s Self Storage. They have indoor units and climate-controlled units of all sizes, which is very convenient.

National Mini Storage
Their customer service is always number one, and they provide the best storage units in Georgia with huge discounts for first-time customers. Their storage facilities are open 24/7 with a free move-in truck. In addition, they have security features such as surveillance and a fenced perimeter.

Air Express
They provide very affordable pricing and convenient features such as 24/7 access and security. They also have a clean, safe storage facility for your belongings.


An essential consideration in choosing the best storage units deals in Georgia is the climate. When looking for a space to store your belongings during summers or winters, you need to select the best storage facility with climate-controlled units available.

If you are planning to store items during the winter months, ensure they are kept indoors instead of outdoor as the weather can get too cold for some things that cannot withstand freezing temperatures. It is also paramount that you consider if the size of the storage units can accommodate your possessions. The costs, too, should be a guiding factor.

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