The Cost of Amazing Hair Transplants For Men

There are several products, such as shampoos and medications in the market for the stimulation of hair growth or prevention of hair loss. But their effectiveness is not universal because it may be futile in a few individuals. Hair transplants are something you should consider.

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Whenever it comes to the treatment of hair loss, it is advisable to choose a treatment procedure that will effectively yield the best result coupled with the permanent regrowth of hair, without the consistent use of hair growth medications or supplements. The only treatment procedure apt for these descriptions is the surgical transplant of hair. However, it is more expensive than the use of medications that are not capable of giving the best results when you compare it to hair transplant surgery.
Hair Transplants

Factors That Influence the Cost of Surgery

Insurance companies do not cover the expenses that come from an insured hair transplant surgery because they see it as a cosmetic procedure; hence you will be responsible for every expense you incur from your hair transplants. The average cost of a hair transplant ranges from about $4,000 to $15,000, but it is not a constant price because several factors may alter it and they include:

– Where you live
– The qualifications and expertise of your surgeon
– The type of procedure or technique of treatment
– How much hair you want to transplant
– Cost of transportation
– The cost of recovery

Where You Live

The area you live may affect the cost when we consider the number of surgeons that specializes in hair transplants. However, if there is an existence of a monopoly whereby there are only a few surgeons, you will be charged more. On the contrary, the cost of a hair transplant may reduce if there are many surgeons in your locale.

The Qualifications and Expertise of Your Surgeon

The quality of result you will get after a hair transplant surgery depends on the type of surgeon involved. The higher the qualifications and experience of the surgeon, the more the cost, because hair transplant is a unique and sophisticated treatment that demands a standard level of experience & expertise, and only a few can be found apt for this treatment.
Irrespective of the cost, choosing a surgeon with at least six years of experience in the field will guarantee you a high-quality job that will cause you no impairment to your scalp; because he must have increased the quality of his skills from the treatment of about a hundred individuals with similar hair loss. Therefore, the level of experience and expertise of the surgeon plays a significant role in the alteration of the cost of hair transplants.

The Type of Procedure or Technique of Treatment for Hair Transplants

There are two types of techniques involved in hair transplant that vary in both price and procedures. They are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Follicular Unit Extraction technique is the most popular type of hair transplant because it comes with a few benefits: eliminating scars visibility, no sensitivity loss and constant growth of hair. This technique involves two significant steps, the cutting of hair follicles and the boring of little hold in the bald scalp. The surgeon will make use of a safe and punch incision to cut hair follicles primarily from the rear side of the head. This is followed by the boring of little holes with the aid of a needle on the area of hair loss and then transplants the hair follicles.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): Follicular Unit Transplantation is a type of hair transplant technique that works only for those with a substantial amount of hair. During this procedure, the surgeon will need to first find the region of the head with a substantial amount of hair growth (this is often at the back of the head); the surgeon will then cut out a few inches of the skin in that area for skin grafting. The surgeon will then make use of equipment such as scissors or a scalpel to cut the obtained skin graft into several pieces. They will be implanted on the areas of the scalp experiencing hair loss for the growth of hair.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique of hair transplant cost more than Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) due to the benefits it comes with that supersedes FUT’s.

How Much Hair Is Required for Hair Transplants

The amount of hair requited is synonymous with the level of baldness one needs a hair transplant surgery for. The less original hair you have, the more the transplant will cost. Likewise, the more hair you have, the less a transplant will cost.

The Cost of Transportation

The cost of transportation is what you will have to consider when searching for the perfect specialists. In most cases of hair transplant, the sessions required for a successful treatment demand more than one session. You will have to visit the hospital at least twice, which affects the cost of transportation, especially when the hospital or clinic are located far away from you.

The Cost of Hair Transplants Recovery

The cost of recovery appears after the treatment of hair loss via hair transplant surgery. It primarily focuses on the several medications you will require to forestall infection and reduce the swellings in the surgical areas. The medication may increase the affected individual’s expenses. They include anti-inflammatory, antibiotics and pain-relieving medications.

However, there are alternative treatments that can be used for the main time for the stimulation of hair growth or treatment of hair loss for individuals that find hair transplantation expensive. The alternative treatment involves the consistent use of hair stimulating products such as Biotin, Rogaine (minoxidil), and Finasteride (Propecia). Also, you can use low-level laser therapy for the treatment of hair loss.

There are several factors that may cause an increment in the overall costs of hair transplantation, such as the technique of treatment, qualification & experience of the surgeon, and the level of baldness. However, you may temporarily avoid the expensive cost of hair transplant Surgeries by adopting these alternative treatments. But when it comes to effectiveness, hair transplantation supersedes every alternative treatment that may be futile in some individuals due to some factors. On the contrary, hair transplant is not limited to any factor.

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