Top 3 Best Diabetes Treatments in Florida

Diabetes should not be a death sentence, given the array of treatment options available that make it easy to live a healthy and comfortable life. In addition to medication, diet, exercise, and weight loss are some of the best diabetes treatments in Florida.

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Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires multiple risk reduction strategies to manage effectively. While millions of cases crop up yearly, there is no definite cure for the disease. All the treatment options work by managing and controlling blood sugar levels. In addition, patients can manage the condition by eating healthy and staying active through exercise. So if you are searching for the best diabetes treatments in Florida, look no further.
Best Diabetes Treatments in Florida

While looking for the best diabetes treatments in Florida, you must first sit down with your doctor. The sit-down is vital to uncover the presence or absence of heart disease to determine the appropriate treatment regimen. Doctors will also assess the risk of low blood sugar with a particular treatment option and the potential side effects while using certain drugs.

However, you do not need to worry as we will detail some of the best diabetes treatments in Florida, proven to manage the condition effectively.


The best diabetes treatments in Florida for people with type 2 diabetes are usually tablets and medication. The medications work by managing blood sugar levels. Some of the drugs work by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin, which limits the amount of glucose in the blood. In addition, some medications may assist in shedding some weight as part of the treatment process.

Metformin is a popular type 2 diabetes medication that works by decreasing sugar production in the liver. It also works by improving insulin resistance. In addition, the drug can cause weight loss, which is one way of lowering blood sugar.

In addition to metformin, some drugs improve how the body uses insulin. Similarly, some medications help manage type 2 diabetes by decreasing sugar absorption by the intestines. For example, dulaglutide and saxagliptin are drugs that work by increasing insulin production. Therefore, they help in reducing sugar production by the liver.

Weight loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery often referred to as bariatric surgery, is one of the best diabetes treatments in Florida for people struggling with weight issues. The procedure entails bypassing or reducing the stomach size, so one feels full sooner and eats less.

While the treatment helps in weight loss, it is an effective treatment option for putting type 2 diabetes in remission. This is because the procedure allows the body to produce and use insulin more efficiently and effectively. It also increases the bile acids that the body makes, making it more sensitive to insulin.

Recent studies have shown that blood sugar levels drop below the diabetes range soon after the surgery. As a result, people who have the surgery end up having medications stopped sooner than later.

Diet and Exercise

Nutrition and physical activity are essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, they go a long way in complementing the best diabetes treatments In Florida while offering other benefits. Unknown to most people is that a healthy meal plan combined with an active lifestyle can go a long way in keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Consequently, to manage and control blood glucose levels, type 2 diabetes patients need to balance what they eat and drink. In this case, what you eat, how much, and when are crucial. For instance, carbohydrate intake should be low as part of healthy meal planning. The key to staying healthy while tackling diabetes is to eat various healthy foods from all food groups but in portions.

The best meal plan should include vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein. One should also focus on foods with healthy fats such as healthy fish, salmon, and tuna or oils such as canola and olive oil. One should also keep off food with high salt, sweets, and beverages with added sugars.
Physical activity should also follow suit to help in managing blood glucose levels. Being active lowers blood glucose levels, reduces blood pressure, and improves blood flow. Drinking lots of water during and after physical activity is essential.

Since physical activity lowers blood glucose, it is essential to be cautious about low blood glucose levels. Hypoglycemia can occur after an intense workout or if someone skips a meal before vigorous activity.

Bottom Line

Diabetes might be a chronic medical condition, but it is not a death sentence. Living a healthy and comfortable life while battling illness is still possible. The ultimate goal is to settle on the best diabetes treatments In Florida to manage and control blood sugar levels.

While drugs are often relied on to ensure blood glucose is at acceptable levels, diet and exercise also go a long way. In addition, weight loss surgery can help put type 2 diabetes in remission.

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