Top 3 Best Diabetes Treatments in Pennsylvania

With proper management and control of blood sugar levels, diabetes is not a life-threatening condition. The best treatment options ensure blood glucose is always at acceptable levels. Contrary to perception, the best diabetes treatments in Pennsylvania are not limited to medications.

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Keeping blood sugar levels within the recommended range can be challenging. But unfortunately, it is one of the reasons millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes yearly. While several things make blood sugar levels fluctuate, managing and controlling them is possible. The best diabetes treatments In Pennsylvania ensure blood sugar level is within an acceptable range.
Best Diabetes Treatments in Pennsylvania

By controlling blood sugar levels, the treatment options avert diabetes serious consequences, which include heart and kidney failure. While there is no cure for the condition, it is possible to manage it to ensure it does not cause serious issues or lead to a fatality.

While treatment depends on whether one has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, at times, they are the same. For Type 1, the focus is on boosting insulin levels as the pancreas can no longer produce it. For Type 2, the best diabetes treatments in Pennsylvania include medications designed to control blood sugar levels.

Below are some of the best diabetes treatments in Pennsylvania for anyone struggling with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Medications

Over 40 medications are available for anyone struggling with diabetes and looking to bring their blood sugar levels under control. The drugs come in four classes grouped on how they work to control blood glucose.

Sulfonylureas stand out as some of the best diabetes treatments in Pennsylvania as they work to lower blood glucose by causing the pancreas to release more insulin. Some of the best drugs in this class include Glucotrol and glyburide. On the other hand, Biguanides work by reducing the amount of glucose the liver produces. The pills also improve how insulin works in the body to control blood sugar.

Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors are a class that works by delaying the breakdown of carbohydrates. Therefore, they help reduce glucose absorption in the small intestine, which is crucial to controlling blood glucose. On the other hand, Thiazolidinediones improve the way insulin works in the body. Dopamine agonist, on the other hand, lowers the amount of glucose that the liver releases.

Insulin Shots

While medications control blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes, persons struggling with Type 1 diabetes are left to deal with insulin shots. The inability of the pancreas to produce the much-needed insulin to control blood sugar calls for insulin shots.

Artificial insulin can be taken in different ways. The most popular method is injection through the belly, thigh, buttocks, and upper arm. There is also insulin pens that look like a pen with a cap prefilled with insulin or insulin cartridges. Insulin pumps, on the other hand, are computerized devices worn on the belt or under the clothes designed to deliver rapid-acting insulin 24 hours a day.

A rapid-acting insulin is formally taken 15 minutes before meals. They peak after minutes, therefore, helping lower blood glucose. Some of the best, in this case, include Insulin Lispro and Humalog.

Short-acting insulin takes up to 30 minutes to reach the bloodstream, and its peak effects kick in two to three hours. Intermediate insulin reaches the bloodstream in two to four hours, peaks at 12 hours, and works up to 18 hours.

Lifestyle changes

While there is no immediate cure for diabetes, the best diabetes treatments In Pennsylvania call for drastic lifestyle changes to control blood sugar levels. Healthy eating is one of the things that people with diabetes are often called upon to master.

Knowing how foods affect blood sugar levels and how to regulate them is essential. For instance, it is vital to understand how to count carbohydrates, a key source of glucose. Therefore, one should learn what portion to take and at what time. The meal should also be balanced, including vegetables, fruits, fats, and proteins.

Physical exercise is another critical lifestyle activity that anyone struggling with extreme blood sugar levels should undertake. During rigorous physical activities, the muscles use sugar for energy, therefore ideal for lowering glucose in the blood.

It is also important to quit alcohol intake as it forces the liver to metabolize it using all the available stored sugar. Consequently, you might suffer from low blood sugar. If you are on medication, the likelihood of blood sugar levels dropping to dangerously low levels is high. Quitting smoking is also crucial to better control blood sugar levels.

Bottom Line

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that can lead to severe consequences such as damage to the heart and kidneys. However, it is not a death sentence with the availability of some of the best diabetes treatments in Pennsylvania.

Some medications enhance insulin production allowing the body to control blood sugar levels. Other drugs reduce carbohydrate breakdown, therefore, reducing glucose generation. However, the best diabetes treatments In Pennsylvania are not limited to medications. Lifestyle changes that include proper diet and regular physical activity can help manage the condition.

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