Top 4 Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in New York

Knowing your usage, connectivity, and offers can help you manage astronomical bills. However, as a senior citizen, you may not fully appreciate all the packages of a standard plan. This article reviews options of the best cell phone plans for seniors in New York. Our emphasis focuses on packaging, connectivity, and overall cost.

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Your location plays a role when choosing the best cell phone plans for seniors in New York. Having a good signal reception guides your choice, as it is worthless to enroll for a plan with network constraints in your area. If you are concerned about your money worth, then consider getting a plan that serves your purpose. Most seniors either go for: a cheap option, which considers simple phone usage, unlimited packages, or discounted plans.
Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in New York

Types of Plans

No pact Prepaid Plans are those paid for before use. You get to enjoy an affordable package that allows the use of many lines. These pay-as-you-go plans are suitable for those who do not want contract engagement. You get a straightforward costing system devoid of hidden charges and penalties.
Family Plans brings family or business under one umbrella where you individually contribute monthly. You get discounts, multi-accounts and pay less monthly contributions. Each member, though part of one family, has got unique needs. Carriers try to match this by offering individual plans within one umbrella plan.
Individual Plans are those taken by a single person. If you are uncomfortable with shared resources, you are home. Under this plan, you choose the data limits you may need each month. Here, you get the sole discretion to dictate what you want. This arrangement permits only one line.

Overview of the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in New York

1. T-Mobile
At $27.50, you will talk hoarse and text away to your satisfaction. Your 50 GB guarantees uninterrupted online services. Your plan incorporates gadgets for free. You get access to the latest device in the market. There is always a gadget for you, whether you prefer a smartphone or a flip phone.

2. GreatCall
Your GreatCall plan offers devices that cater to each user’s extreme: Lively flip for technophobic and Jitterbug Smart2 for the tech-savvy. It will cost you $14.99 to get 200 minutes and three bucks for 300 texts in a month. You also get health and safety riders, such as direct access to doctors and a link to your family that alerts them on your health and safety.

Lively flip is for seniors who are not into the internet and need easy navigation through large buttons, a big screen, and bright background. In addition, your handset has got a one-touch button that relays to emergency services and extends to your next of kin.

Jitterbug smart2 is a smartphone with tailored features for ease of use. For example, you get a dedicated button for emergencies, a widescreen, and bright background.

3. AT&T Senior Nation Plan
You are home here if you are 65+ years. With a primary phone and $29.99 a month, you strike a good offer that guarantees a long chat with family and friends anytime, any day. Unfortunately, this plan has no data package, and if interested, you have to raise $40 per month.

4. Republic Wireless
$15 gives you unlimited voice and text via the 4G LTE platform. It is affordable with a one-off monthly fee and no hidden costs. You get reliable connections. If you need data, you can add it as you go at $5 per GB. Republic Wireless is a no-contract plan that allows you to use your phone. Its significant setback is the lack of international coverage and incompatibility with iPhones.

The Bottom Line

Cell phone plans are what drives phone usage. Carriers of the best cell phone plans for seniors in New York always consider the lifestyle of its seniors. Carriers must not stuff their plans with features irrelevant to seniors. The key here is simplicity in terms of the in-built content and cell phone operation.

The senior market segment is growing yet still unexplored fully. The early entrants are likely to cash in if they research and understand it better. The carrier must consider whether the senior is using a basic or smartphone, what is their preferred coverage option. No matter your usage, the ability to communicate defines the ultimate result.

By researching, you can find a cheaper option that is not necessarily from the major carriers. You may get low-cost and tailored features from Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). These are providers running on networks of major players.

Data plans may experience low reception due to the availability of public WiFi in New York. This way, you can save costs if you are on a low budget.

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