Top 6 Car Insurance Options in Georgia

Your search for the best car insurance option in Georgia is tedious if you are not looking for the right parameters. In this article we will discuss top 6 car insurance options in Georgia.

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Your search for the best car insurance option in Georgia is tedious if you are not looking for the right parameters. In this article we will discuss top 6 car insurance options in Georgia. You should centre around; the price, the provider’s stability, its range of cover, locality, and discounts on offer. Before making the ultimate decision, it is advisable to deeply research on: – Governing laws and regulations – The minimum allowable car cover limits – Factors likely to affect the cost
Car Insurance Options in Georgia


Like in other states, it is a mandatory requirement in Georgia to insure a car. Failure to obtain one is a breach of law and a serious offense. If caught driving without insurance, you are subjected to fines and the car impounded.
Recently acquired a car? You can only register it after obtaining car insurance.
The Minimum Car Cover in Georgia
The minimum cover requires you to get uninsured motorist insurance with a personal injury liability of at least $25,000, accident cover of $50,000, and $25,000 to take care of property damage.

Salient Factors Affecting Cost of Insurance in Georgia

1. Type of Cover
You can decide to get the minimum coverage or go for a full package. Low cover insurance is cheaper than full covers. The rates go up as you increase the scope of coverage. Thus, it is more expensive to get a comprehensive cover.
The best car insurance options in this category are USAA, Geico, and State Farm.
2. Location
Insurance varies amongst the cities of Georgia. Location plays a role in terms of the road network, frequency of risky occurrences, natural events, amongst other factors. Insurance companies consider such factors to determine rates. You can obtain this information either online or through your preferred agent.
3. Driving Record
Are you a rough driver, exploratory on the road, or a defensive type? How you drive your car influence the rates of premium payable. If you have no violations or accidents, then your record is clean, and you are entitled to discounts on your policy. On the other hand, if you are guilty of traffic offenses, then expect to pay high premiums.
Under this category, State Farm has the best rates for drivers guilty of traffic offenses.
4. Credit Score
Your ability to service a loan is determined by your credit record obtained through the scoring system. You are given a number that is usually used by lenders as a guide when processing your loan.
The higher the score, the better the rates. If you have a poor credit history, expect to pay higher rates.
USAA and Geico offer the lowest rates under this category.
5. Age
Young drivers pay high premiums because they are considered inexperienced and pose a high risk. The premiums keep reducing as you age. However, as you age past 65 years, the rates start to increase unless you take a refresher course.
The leading companies in this category are: USAA, Geico, and State Farm
Overall, the cheapest providers of the best car insurance in Georgia are as per the order below:
– Geico
– Nationwide
– State Farm
– Progressive
– Allstate

How to Get the Best Car Insurance Option in Georgia

You should shop around while comparing rates and features of insurance cover. By obtaining quotations, you can make a comparison of the different providers. To guide your final decision, consider the following questions:
– Which insurance is suitable for my circumstances? Here, you are evaluating whether you need a certain policy. You ought to look at your age, discount options available to you, the coverage, and the type of car.
– What does the law say? What are the legal implications and consequences thereof?

How to Save on Insurance Premiums

You should research all the available discounts before paying. You must evaluate the following:
– Does your car have a security system? Is it fitted with an alarm, anti-theft, or tracking device? Are airbags installed? Then you qualify for an insurance discount.
– What is your preferred mode of payment? Are you paying in installments? If you are paying full premiums at a go, then claim a full payment discount.
– Apart from car insurance, do you have other policies with the same insurer? You are entitled to claim multiple policy discounts.
– If you are the best performing student with good grades, then you qualify for a discount.
– Are you a good driver? Maintaining a good driving record entitles you to great discounts.
– Are you constantly updating your skills? You should join approved defensive training courses to earn discounts.


Insurance is mandatory in Georgia, and the law dictates you must have at least the minimum coverage. Driving without insurance attracts a fine of up to $1,000 or one-year imprisonment. Your vehicle can be deregistered. Georgia is not a no-fault state. You are responsible for all the damages if you cause an accident. In case of a dispute over claim settlement, you can refer your case to the Georgia Office of Insurance. They assist in solving issues involving insurance.

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