How Much Does a Successful Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Planning a bathroom renovation is overwhelming, challenging, and can become an expensive affair. Because we all want our bathroom to be a reflection of our personal hygienic life and be apt to provide the comfort we desire. However, one must customize his vision and budget to suit his plans.

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Bathroom Remodel

Benefits of bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the top projects homeowners take in yearly above other home remodeling because it has the ability to either create or destroy interest in home buyers. It has myriads of benefits that include safety, comfort, and improved aesthetics. In addition to this, the remodeling of the bathroom increases the resale value of the home with a Revenue Of Investment of about eighty percent.

The cost of remodeling a bathroom is dependent on how much remodeling you want to be done. The modeling cost increases with an increase in the number of remodeling you want your bathroom to have. An average bathroom remodel costs between $9,600 and $11,000, which includes about fifty-five percent of the contractor’s labor cost. According to the survey on the design trend by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, it was shown that approximately fifty percent (half) of respondents paid between $10,000 and $29,999. In contrast, thirty-one of the respondents paid $30,000 for the remodeling of their bathrooms.

Other factors that impact the cost of bathroom remodeling include

1. Moving Plumbing features
2. Quality of fixtures and materials
3. Unforeseen damages
4. Size-footage

Moving plumbing features

This is one of the most expensive parts of bathroom modeling, which involves installing new pipes due to the change in positions of a few features like the tub.

Quality of fixtures and materials

The quality of materials is an important factor that impacts the cost of bathroom remodeling. Traditional materials like acrylic showers or tubs are not expensive, but the use of advanced smart home technology influences the cost of remodeling.

Unforeseen damages

There are some damages one is not aware of until the work starts, and these damages include mold, water damage, issues with the home’s foundation or broken pipes. These damages are severe and need the attention of the remodeling contractors, but they are not always cheap to repair.


The size type of a bathroom is going to have an influence on the cost of bathroom remodeling, because the larger the space (like master bathroom suite), the more material, employees and time, which will increase the cost of complete the project.

Mitigate the cost of bathroom renovation

The cost of labor constitutes more than half of the expenses needed for the remodeling of a bathroom. It can be harnessed or mitigated mainly by negotiating with the contractors. But you can also mitigate the cost of bathroom renovation by doing the following :

– Stepwise process of renovation: The cost of remodeling a bathroom can be reduced by not hastening the techniques involved for a day. The stepwise process of renovation helps upgrade some features as time goes by. Further, it can also update other amenities like the ventilation and lighting facilities. Decreasing the labor cost from the upgrading and updating bathroom amenities.

– Focusing on larger tasks ahead of smaller ones: The larger the job involved with the renovation of bathroom amenities, the more the labor cost increases with days. Hence it would be best if you told the contractor to attend to the larger tasks, like installing floor tiles and the replacement of tubs, instead of focusing on small tasks that do not require professionalism to fix, like the replacement of light and faucets. If you let the contractor fix the larger tasks in a day, rather than in separate days in a month, you will save on labor charges.

– Choosing quality over quantity: Using low-quality implements or tools are susceptible to early damages, which is a total waste of money because it will cost you another sum to replace them. This is similar to getting the low quality that leaks after the renovation of the toilet, the floor to be precise. Low prices are the major blindfold that prevents people from acquiring things of high quality from the market. To avoid this predicament and save money, you will have to search for rebates on high-quality materials at your local hardware stores. Only then will you be assured of the product’s longevity after remodeling your system without fear of early replacement.

Creating a comfortable bathroom by renovating it exposes you to discomforts that can alter one’s way of life, especially if it is the only bathroom in the room. The bathroom is a critical space in a house; hence its unavailability would bring about inconvenience to the inhabitant(s) of the house.

A few things to consider before thinking of remodeling your bathroom

– Bathroom alternatives: A search for an alternative to your bathroom on-site would reduce the inconvenience caused by remodeling of your bathroom.
– Be cognizant of the contractor’s schedule: You would have to keep the contractor’s line and be cognizant of his set aside working schedule to complete the renovation. This will make you know when your bathroom would be apt for use and at the same time, make the contractor work to beat the time without procrastinating.

Bad remodeling of a bathroom is expensive to fix, so it is better to hire a professional remodeling contractor to avoid being a victim of bad remodeling. Still, it isn’t easy to choose from many convincing companies. Hiring a new company could be risky because most of them would not be able to provide references from previous clients. Before choosing, make sure the remodeler is experienced, has a license, offers guarantees, and is insured.

Meanwhile, it is essential to be aware and consistent with your choice so that you can compare prices after getting different quotes from at least three remodeling contractors.

The cost of bathroom remodeling may inspire fear, which is why it is essential to research ahead of time and plan carefully to ensure that you get the worth for your money.

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